Poco Farm is a 4 acre regenerative learning farm in Meiner’s Oaks, California.
The farm is designed to invite visitors to explore the impact of our food and fiber systems through
hands-on experiences and collaborative learning. Our teaching tools include animals, plants, insects, soil, air, and water.
When on the farm with students, we all observe the interconnectedness of each being in our ecosystem, and how we beings depend on one another and contribute towards ecological health or degradation.
We use each farm product to unearth the systems protected or threatened by its growth, to ask how the
production process affects our community, ecology and economy. Our teachers encourage students to think critically and feel deeply about food, culture and the true cost of different agricultural system.

Farm Ecosystem Tour 1.5 Hours*
Students tour the farm in groups of fifteen or fewer, exploring our farm ecosystem through the lenses of carbon cycles, ethical animal husbandry, regenerative living, sustainable fiber systems, nutrition and holistic health, and the local economy. Different learning stations introduce the students to organic vegetable production, goat microdairying, pasture-raised chickens, pastured pigs, orchards, sustainable living, water conservation, pollinator habitats and regenerative fiber systems. Students sample seasonal fruit and/or veggies and interact with animals.

$8/student & $5/chaperone.**

Includes samples of fruit and/or vegetable

Hands-on Experience and Farm Ecosystem Tour ​​
2.5 Hours*

After their ecosystem tour, students stay and try out farm work with the animals and/or plants, experiencing agriculture first hand. This typically involves some of the following: brushing goats, collecting eggs, planting seeds, weeding, harvesting, spreading compost, or feeding animals. Our teachers guide activities appropriate for each age group.

$10/student & $7/chaperone.**

Includes samples of fruit and/or vegetables

Custom Deep-diving Exploratory Tours 1-4 hours

Our teachers design a curriculum specifically for your students, examining a particular topic or element of our farm ecosystem (for example: soil health and composting; micro dairying and regenerative meat production; natural dyes and fiber systems).

$8-$20/student, depending on the nature and length of the visit.*


*Groups are encouraged to come before or after lunch and bring their lunches and water for a picnic onsite.

** We must charge a minimum of $100 to give a tour, to account for our time, insurance expenses, materials and damages. Thus, groups smaller than 13 students will have to pay more than the above amount per head